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  1. Looking for SUV

    looking to buy a SUV 4x4 , in the price tag of Rs 10 Lakshmi. Please suggest me the best alternate.
  2. Turbo Plus Engine

    Dear All
    Kindly advise the advantage of TURBO PLUS ENGINE over TURBO ENGINE.Which is better.

    Thank You All

    Thomas Isaac
  3. Difference between MM 540 & MM 550

    Quote Originally Posted by THOMAS CHEERAMATTOM View Post
    Dear All
    Could you pls advise the below:
    1)difference between MM 540 & MM 550.Which is reliable in perfomance/maintenance/spares availability.i am looking for only 4wd

    2)How about TRAX 4WD.Is it better than Mahindras (540/550) in terms of Perfomance/Maintenance/Spares availability.

    3) JONGA with Hino Diesel engine, is it good?
    How about spares availability and maintenance.

    Thank You all

    Thomas Isaac
  4. need help in finding a jeep

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this forum, so don't know anyone much , but need help from all of you, today its been like almost a year for me to search a jeep which is present in my mind. But still couldn't get it didn't even reach near to that one.

    I am searching for a jeep having following things:-

    Power steering
    Power Brakes(Disc)
    Powerful engine (>2000 CC)Toyota 3C or IZUKU
    Decent looks no stickering and all.
    Completly ...

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  5. WorldWar Jeep/Truck/Military Vehicles Manuals

    I was/am still planning to build my own SWB Mutt, So on the search for the details of THE JEEP, I discovered few links that will give us all information on the Jeeps we have been restoring and worshiping.

    Find below the links that have nearly 2 GB of scanned manuals of all jeeps and other trucks that were used in the world war. Most of these manuals are all designated by numbers, you can find about these numbers in below in the write up.

    All USA WorldWarII vehicle ...
  6. Bolero GLX - Modification - Requesting advise.

    Quote Originally Posted by Akhil99 View Post
    Hi Guys..

    I have a Bolero GLX 2002 Model. Somehow I always loved Bolero's more than Scorpio! So I recently bought one for myself, second hand.
    Now I have do some basic jobs on it (list appended).
    1. Get it checked properly.
    2. Fix A/C
    3. Change tyres, currently running on Michelin 215/15. Wish to have Hankook 235/15. (suggestions needed).
    4. Make it four door, leave the rear part as a pick up. More to look like a H2.
    5. Paint job - thinking of Matt
  7. WHICH FOG LIGHT ARE THE BEST >>>Hella 4000 / kc / lightforce 240 / ironman ????

    Quote Originally Posted by Snipervib View Post
    which fog lights give the best spread nd spot in real condition , plz share your views , also (( hid or helogen ))??

  8. Bharadsaar Lake (4400m) Expedition – A Winter trail

    Quote Originally Posted by rranjan View Post
    Winters are for SNOW and if you really want to enjoy winter, rush for the hills. We three (Rajeev, Dr. Raghwendra & Swadesh) decided to join Bharadsaar Lake Trek organized by INMANTEC Adventure club. We all got in touch on “BCM touring” travel portal and carried on. Trip plan discussed meticulously among all 14 friends on forum and finally we started on 17th Dec’10.

    Itinerary was planned as:
    Dec 17 : Delhi-Dehradun-Netwar
    Dec 18: Netwar to Dhaula (1,500m), 10km drive
    Tags: baradsaar, rupin

    Friends , i have felt that our 4wd off road fraternity is very casual on SAFETY , and at times i had been objecting to many friends , who felt bad .
    However without any ill feeling, i am attaching herewith a video clip, which may create an awakening among our fraternity for safety.
    Have a safe offroading

    friends unable to attach files seprately requesting rahul to attach .
  10. Offroad bumpers for MM540/550

    Custom Offroad bumpers for MM540/550 available off the shelf.
    Prad 4x4 front bumper is a tough, durable and well thought out bumper.
    Tapered ends increase approach angles. Comes with integrated fog lamps and pre drilled holes for auxiliary lights.
    The steel is cut using Water jet machining, machine formed and Tig welded to give the best in durability and finish. Textured black powder coat adds the finishing touches.
    (Limited stock)


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  11. DC Electric Recovery Winch From SILWIN WINCHES

  12. Ladakh Odyssey – A Tapestry of Events

  13. Somwarpet Tennis Club OTR 21st Aug 2010 a report

    Quote Originally Posted by hisunil View Post
    Hi Guys,

    Had been to Somwarpet Tennis Club OTR in Coorg karnataka on 21st Aug 2010

    My First Real OTR with Family and it was Very good.

    Left Office at 1:30 Noon Applied for half a day Leave on friday, left home at 3:00 Pm & reached Somwarpet (after Lunch on the way) at 8:30 pm, Met Naveen the organizer did the registration & off to manaas lodge for the night stay,

    The next day was ALL fun. Sweetha & Araya, (Daughter
  14. Electric Winch (3000-12000lbs) !!!!STOCK CLEARANCE!!!!

    A friend is making stock clearance for SUPERWINCH & RUNVA Electric Winch, check specs on-line.

    The following Options are available & going very fast.
    3000 - 3500 lbs (1588kgs) Rs 10500/-
    5000 lbs (2268kgs) Rs 15000/-
    6000 lbs (2722kgs) Rs 21500/-
    8000 lbs (3629kgs) Rs 27000/-
    10000 lbs (4536kgs) Rs 32500/-
    12000 lbs & above - Price on request.

    Hurry don't waste more time. All stuff ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Mohan View Post
    Attachment 867

    The MGE initially planned at Lonavala was finally shifted to Sawarsai.

    The just concluded EXAMM had left the villagers of Sawarsai baffled.Some over-enthusiastic participants also had done damage to some paddy fields leaving behind many a irate villager behind.
    Nevertheless the villagers consented to the MGE after several discussions and after promises to make good the losses.
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